trisha spivot
full name trisha elaine spivot nickname trish, t-spivs, spivs birthdate may 28th, 1989 / 28 place of birth boston, mass occupation medical student status mingling
» It was early Autumn when they met, the leaves just starting to change color and fall, a canvas of red and golds and greens (like his eyes, her mother had always said). Term had just begun and it was -- well, perfect was the word most frequented in the retelling, the way they'd just collided in a rush to get where they needed to go, a traditional meet-cute. Elizabeth was twenty, a physics major, and Mark was twenty-two, criminal justice and a terrible flirt, but funnily enough they didn't need to know that about one another. It was far simpler than that; it was love at first sight, right there in the courtyard near that rickety bench they'd soon carve their initials into. A month of dating turned into a year turned into the rest of university turned into the rest of their lives. And just like that, without much cause for concern or a second thought, Trisha was born soon after.

» Her childhood was a typical one; doting parents, tight-knit bond, family dinners at the table and bedtime stories. Some might describe it as picture-perfect, the type of family you'd see on those old 60's commercials or in magazine ads, but it was just ordinary. Every family came with flaws, and though theirs might have been harder to spot by the blind eye, they were there underneath surface level. Mark's job had become stressful, a hindrance that wedged between his marriage, and though her mother put on a brave face every morning, you could read it in the lines of her smile, forced and blanketing ingenuity. The charade lasted a few more years, well into her middle school days, but the strain eventually won over and one day, he was simply gone. Trisha had been too young throughout the bulk of it to read and understand the signs, operating through her youth with that sort of blissful ignorance only a child could possess, which only made the sting of his abandonment hurt worse.

» High school, as a result, led to more rebellious behavior due to the absence of her father. Lost was perhaps the best way to describe her, drowning in the process to figure out who she was and desperately hoping for an anchor. Though her studies stayed a focus and her grades didn't suffer, Trisha did manage to get into some petty trouble. Though it wasn't anything life-ruining, it was enough for an already distraught mother to worry. It wasn't until one night she was brought home by police escort (a warning, courtesy of her dad's old partner) that her mother actually cried, and the very next day she was right home after school, nose buried in a book (and tail between her legs). By the time graduation rolled around, she'd managed to earn honors and a hefty scholarship, and there was something gratifying in it that she'd done it all in spite of the turmoil.

» When it came time for university, Trish had a near laser focus on what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Though she'd grown up with a steadfast "I want to be just like dad" attitude, it wasn't hard to let go of that dream when he'd vanished from their lives without a trace; suddenly it didn't seem so heroic. So instead of being on the front-line of helping people, following in the footsteps of a man she no longer knew, she took the exact opposite approach. Being behind the scenes, figuring out the what and the why, was an easy attachment she latched onto. Her past had proven she didn't handle loss (if you could call it that) well, and this was just -- uncomplicated. There was no dealing with the mess of losing someone, of having to look someone in the eye and tell them exactly what they don't want to hear, it was just science... and a bit like hiding behind her insecurities.

» University came and went, breezing through pre-med in a blur of exams and study sessions, but for all that she was busy, her social life didn't suffer at the hand of it. It wasn't until her final year of grad school that things started to fall apart, a longterm relationship coming to an end and an unexpected change of heart regarding her career path veering her off course. Never one with the nerve to handle change, Trisha did the only thing she knew how to, her fail-safe: she hid away, left town at the drop of a dime to finish out her degree. Now three years later and back in Boston, she is back at Mass Gen to finish out her residency, though things are not at all as she left them.
Patty Spivot is a member of the Central City Police Department and a romantic interest to the Flash. She is a forensic scientist who works alongside Barry Allen. She once became "Ms. Flash" in an imaginary story, and has also taken on the identity of Hot Pursuit. [READ MORE]